Nintendo has spent decades going after fan creations that use their work. From select pieces of fan art to game mods, Nintendo doesn’t like seeing their intellectual property used in content they’re not overseeing. Now it seems Nintendo is casting an even wider net, as now they’re out to get music creators.

Two musicians have noted that Nintendo hit them with DMCA takedowns over their arrangements of Nintendo tunes. The person behind Sheet Boss Music shared this news along with a statement on the matter, which you can read below.

“In a classic Nintendo move they’ve DMCAed all of our correctly licensed sheet music.

This doesn’t benefit the original artists - they receive royalties for our arrangements that they now won’t get. This doesn’t benefit us, because it makes us less likely to make music that we LOVE. And it’s frustrating for you all, because you can’t play our arrangements that we’ve put hours into.

We’re working on it but it’s super frustrating, especially given that so many Nintendo pieces aren’t available ANYWHERE as sheets. Sorry to everyone affected and please know it’s totally out of our control!”

[Sheet Boss Music]

Why Nintendo felt now was the time to go after sheet music is beyond us. You never know when Nintendo is going to make a move like this, but anyone who’s ever creating fan content surrounding Nintendo’s franchises knows that any day could be their last.

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1M ago

Man, no company triggers such an intense combination of love and anger inside of me as Nintendo. I'm really hoping Sheet Boss Music considers legal action is they aren't able to privately settle with Nintendo.


1M ago

This gives ammo to the "there's a copyright troll and not Nintendo" crowd because why would Nintendo 180 on a licensee? The licensee is upholding license terms and paying royalty fees appropriately.


1M ago

I really hate this. Effectively banning the expression of love for your franchises through music.

Way to go Nintendo.