Publishers and developers KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO and Studio Lalala have announced the rhythm game KAMITSUBAKI CITY ENSEMBLE for Switch. The title launches in Japan August 29th, 2024 for 440 yen and it includes English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese language options.

KAMITSUBAKI CITY ENSEMBLE is a rhythm game in which AI girls who were awoken after the apocalypse use special song magic to create melodies with you, in an effort to restart the world. How did the destruction happen? Why do these girls exist? All answers will be revealed…when the music stops.

From the prelude to the finale, all the songs will be yours to lead. Experience the new sounds of music with us as you weave your way through the melodies.

Immerse yourself in otherworldly vocals as you play through our extensive track list, which features popular songs from Kamitsubaki Studio (such as “Devour the past,” “Carnivorous Plant,” “Sirius’s Heart,” “Terra,” and “the last bullet”), and the Musical Isotope series (such as “Cute Na Kanojo,” “Take you to an alien,” “Abyss,” “dislike,” and “Majimedake.”).

The Default Pack comes with over 48 songs for you to enjoy. By purchasing the Season Pass, you will unlock access to over 100 songs, including additional packs that will be added every month.

Featuring four levels of difficulty, this game is designed for beginners and veterans alike to enjoy. Start from four lanes and make your way up to seven lanes as you play through the EASY, NORMAL, HARD, and PRO modes.

Set in the rubble and ruins of a world destroyed, the AI girls who have awoken in the aftermath want to use their magical songs to rebuild what was lost. How did the destruction happen? Why do the girls exist? All will be revealed when the music stops, and it’s up to you to find the truth.

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1M ago

I do like me a good rhythm game. Can we get a "Elite Beat Agents" sequel too?