Back in May of 2021, we learned that Square Enix was working on giving Dragon Quest III an HD-2D remake. Today, after years of waiting, we finally got to see a full-length trailer for the game, along with a release date of Nov. 17th, 2024. This one has been a long-time coming, and the devs behind the game know it.

Team Asano is the group tackling Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake, and they know fans have been patiently waiting to hear more. Now that we’ve got a confirmed release date and a fresh look, the developers have opened up a bit about the time between announcement and release.

While it’s certainly been a lengthy wait for information, it turns out development time on this project is in-line with other Team Asano titles. The big difference is that Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake was announced earlier than most games from the studio, and this is a decision Team Asano now regrets. You can see their full message on the matter below.

**“People have said that it’s taken too long since the announcement of the start of development, but all of our titles until now have taken 3-4 years to develop, so in truth it’s not anything special.

But, the announcement was made way earlier than usual (which we regret)

So, thank you for your support 🙇‍♂️”**

[Team Asano]

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1M ago

That was a PS3/360 era move. I much prefer Nintendo's newer strategy of revealing a mostly finished product that comes out within 6 months.