While the latest Nintendo Direct surprised with a ton of new reveals, there was a smaller smattering of remakes, remasters and re-releases revealed as well. Among those was Donkey Kong Country Returns HD, and we’ve just learned who Nintendo is partnering with to make this happen.

According to some official documentation that’s made its way online, it appears Nintendo has teamed with Forever Entertainment SA to bring Donkey Kong Country Returns HD to life on Switch. The developer has released quite a few Switch games over the years, but perhaps they’re most well know for their ties to Panzer Dragoon: Remake, Front Mission 2: Remake and THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake.

There’s no doubt Retro is stretched very thin working on Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, and Nintendo’s past financial backing for Forever Entertainment appears to have paved the way for this development partnership. Is Forever Entertainment up to the task of porting over a beloved Wii game? I guess we’ll all find out come Jan. 16th, 2025.

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1M ago

Oh wow. People were beginning to wonder about that deal and here we are.


1M ago

So far so good, i will buy this for a 3rd time, the game is just that good


1M ago

Wii and 3DS versions are enough for me.


1M ago

It's an awesome game, but I played both on the Wii and 3DS so I'm going to skip it. I was hoping that we would get DK64 at least, but it has been weirdly absent


1M ago

This probably seems like a stupid reason to buy since I also own the other 2 versions, but the fact that they updated Diddy and Donkey's fur is reason enough for me. I'm a sucker for updated main character models. It's always was a gorgeous game that deserved to be in HD anyway.

Also, my wife and I had a blast running through this on the Wii, so it will give us a good excuse to do it again.


1M ago

I skipped the 3DS version so this will be the perfect time to replay the game!


1M ago

That's a bit concerning. Forever Entertainment's remakes have been dodgy at best, and horrendous at worst.


22d ago

Not only have Forever Entertainment published loads of low effort garbage in the eShop over the years, the games they've developed themselves end up mostly being just average. I don't expect much from this.