Eden Genesis is a platform game focused on fast-paced trials, quick reflexes, and a rich story by the same dev team responsible for Aeterna Noctis and Summum Aeterna, and today, we’ve learned that it’s set to arrive on Switch in September 2024. We’ll bring you a more specific release date once that information has been shared.

Along with that fresh trailer comes Eden Genesis: Piano Collection, which features piano versions of the best songs from the Eden Genesis OST. The songs composed by Juan Ignacio Teruel Torres are arranged and played by a special guest musician… Elesky.

Elesky is graduated from the Higher Conservatory of Music in Piano Performance. She’s not only a content creator, she has first-class musical training, and aims to make music a profession. Among the multitude of projects in which she is involved, she makes piano arrangements. Her incorporation into Eden Genesis enhances the overall game experience.

Both the soundtrack and the Piano Collection for this cyberpunk platformer are available to add them to your Steam wishlist.

In Eden Genesis, take control of Leah, a young cyborg lady, and overcome challenging trials to liberate her corrupted mind! In the not-so-distant future, corporations rule the world providing ways of increasing the physical and intellectual capabilities of the common folk, at a high price…

Those who wear cybernetic implants are doomed. Their lifetime is coming to an end in a matter of time, but luckily for them, there may still be hope. The biggest tech conglomerate just announced a promising solution for this terrible disease!

You play as Leah, a young cyborg lady who joins this experimental treatment to find a cure for what is killing augmented people. Overcome the trials to unlock your full mind potential and eliminate the corruption born from the implants that are destroying your neurons. Game mechanics

Fast-paced gameplay - Eden Genesis offers a wide world full of trials that require anticipation, quick reflexes, and nerves of steel. These sections contain both environmental and enemy hazards, besides frantic platforming puzzles. Players must overcome them to cure the illness suffered by the protagonist.

Responsive controls - The game features an intuitive level design for the players to enjoy precise movement controls. As you become more skilled and Leah liberates more neuron links, Eden Genesis allows you to get even faster completion times every time you enter a trial. In a game with such scale and platforming, responsive controls are a must-have, allowing precise movement and combat.

A balanced platformer - While any player will be able to reach the end of the game and complete the main story and numerous secondary phases, it is true that Eden Genesis offers some extra content for demanding players. Many of the trials are optional, and these offer a level of difficulty that only the most experienced will be able to overcome. However, the main playable and exploration core is designed to be accessible to all players.

Deep story - Eden Genesis features a stunning plot including philosophic themes and debates about what makes us humans and the limits of science and technology. As every good cyberpunk story does, Eden Genesis makes the player question reality, and have uncertainty about the future.

Futuristic setting - The world of Eden Genesis presents a future in which technological megacorporations dominate every aspect of everyday life. Neon lights and cybernetic implants are the protagonists of a unique 2D artistic design, which gives life to an immersive cyberpunk universe.

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