Nintendo has finally announced that Metroid Prime 4 will be releasing sometime in 2025, and have given it a new subtitle: Beyond. This announcement came with the first gameplay trailer that ended with a look at a rather beautiful forest environment. Now just 24 hours later, we have a better look at that area.

The Japanese website for Metroid Prime 4: Beyond has pretty much all the assets that Nintendo released yesterday, but it also gives some flyover footage of the forest area that wasn’t in the gameplay trailer. Now we can get a closer look at this area in order to try and surmise just what Samus is up to.

As you’ll no doubt notice, this footage is considerably darker than what we saw in the trailer yesterday. It’s not clear if this is because of a filter placed on the footage by Nintendo’s website, or if the environment itself will go through some dynamic changes as Samus explores it. Either way, it looks like Samus will be spending at least part of her next adventure in a rather lush location.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond is set to come to Switch sometime in 2025.

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