Inside Out 2 is in theaters now, and it brings back a cast of familiar faces while introducing newcomers. One of those newcomers is Lance Slashblade, a videogame character that Inside Out 2’s Riley had a crush on as a child. How did Pixar come up with the design for Lance? By looking at real-life games, of course!

In an interview with Polygon, Inside Out 2 story artist McKenna Harris revealed that Lance Slashblade’s design was based on their own gaming favorites from their childhood. It turns out Harris also had a crush on two characters in particular, those being Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII and Axel from Kingdom Hearts.

“I distinctly remember feeling, though, that amongst all of my girlfriends at junior high, I knew no one who was into these games, knew who these characters were, much less would admit to have feelings about these characters. So right away, I was pitching: ‘What if Riley has a crush on a video game character? That might be fun.’ It came from a very authentic place.”

[Inside Out 2 story artist McKenna Harris]

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