Good news! Perfect Dark is available for Switch Online Expansion Pack members. Bad news! The game suffers from quite a few bugs and issues that you won’t find in the original Nintendo 64 release.

Dedicated GoldenEye 007 fan Graslu00 has been spending some time with the Switch Online version of Perfect Dark, and they’ve come up with a number of problems that hinder gameplay in one way or another. Some of these are minor issues, while others make the game considerably harder to play than the original.

While not a definitive list of all the bugs and glitches, here’s some problems that have been discovered:

  • sound is considerably lower than the N64 version
  • dizzy effect is broken and can sometimes freeze the screen
  • smoke emitted from gun barrels causes the game to lag
  • some action songs won’t play, such as in the Villa Hostage Rescue one or Deep Sea Escape
  • if you’re quick with restarting a level, the music may not play until you pause the game
  • light flare effect is broken, showing through weapons and walls
  • explosions are more transparent/dim
  • debris from broken objects is mostly missing
  • minor texture issues
  • input delay and the wrong sensitivity

Hopefully Nintendo is already well aware of these issues and is hard at work on a fix. We’ll keep tabs on the situation and bring you news of updates should they come above.

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mock turtle

1M ago

So is the Switch N64 emulation still garbage in general, or is this an anomaly by now?