Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake was finally given a release date of November 17th, 2024 during the most recent Nintendo Direct. Ahead of that release, the game was made available for some hands-on time during this year’s Summer Game Fest. IGN Japan got their hands on the game, and now a handful of new gameplay details have been gleaned from their play report.

Here’s a summary of IGN Japan’s impressions of the game (some translations courtesy of @Genki_JPN on Twitter):

  • Story is based on the original with some revisions under supervision from Yuji Horii
  • Akira Toriyama was not directly involved. However, the art style respectfully imitates Toriyama’s style
  • 3 difficulty options are Drakky Quest: Easy, Dragon Quest: Normal, and Draconian Quest: Hard
  • 3 battle speeds: normal, fast and super fast
  • Features auto-battle, auto-saves, and random encounters
  • Classic JRPG gameplay with improvements
  • Added sound effects and voice acting
  • Orchestrated music
  • World map is not flat and has a design that goes up and down
  • World map and mini-map are always displayed
  • Camera cannot be controlled, but the zoom distance can be changed
  • You can dash in towns and fields.
  • During battle, the camera angle changes with each turn
  • Conversations can be saved and reviewed at any time from the menu
  • Switch version had smooth movement, no frame drops, and short load times

If you’d like to see the full impressions video in Japanese, you can check that out below. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the release date for Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake.

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