Rusted Moss releases on Switch today

Grapple with this one

20 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

PLAYISM is proud to announce that Rusted Moss, a grappling hook based metroidvania game or grapplevania made by faxdoc, happysquared, and sunnydaze, is coming to Nintendo Switch today.

This grapplevania utilizes your grapple and weapons with a full 360° aiming system. The freedom created by these controls creates a smooth experience for users to feel in complete control of their character. Find creative solutions to flexible traversal challenges, and blast away witches and machinery with precise aim.

The grappling hook is hard to learn yet rewarding to master. This unique physics-based elastic grappling hook uses your kinetic momentum to propel your character forward. Like rock climbing, there’s no set path through this melancholic abandoned wasteland. Latch onto any moss-covered structure and swing your way through this rugged terrain.

No more aiming in just 8 directions! As a twin-stick shooter, Rusted Moss emphasizes tight and precise gunplay. Quickly switch between your arsenal of weapons to best suit your playstyle and situation. Get up close and personal with a shotgun before grappling away and pulling out a sniper for the killing blow!

Push your gunplay and grappling hook skills to their limits! From powerful witches to machine monstrosities, each boss fight throws its own unique challenges at you. Dodge swords, avoid energy fields, and blast away at conjured spiders.

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