Indie developer Gentle Troll have announced that their cozy visual novel game Tavern Talk is coming to the Switch today!

You walk into a tavern…and get to work! You are the owner of the Wayfarer’s Inn, a popular watering hole in the fantasy land of Asteria. But you’re no ordinary barkeep. Be it a potion of seething fury or prancing swords, the drinks you serve can change your customer’s destiny forever. You can also turn the rumors you hear at work into heroic quests for your patrons!


  • The Wayfarer’s Inn is a safe haven to a colorful cast of characters inspired by TTRPGs. Get to know their unique personalities, and help them find a place that feels like home.
  • Serve an ever-growing menu of magical drinks to your patrons, but choose carefully, as your choice will alter their fates.
  • Gather rumors from the tavern-goers and use them to create quests for your adventurous guests.
  • Piece together the fragments in your little study and uncover the secrets of an ancient evil threatening the land.
  • As adventurers return from their mighty quests, they’ll bring back trinkets you can use to decorate your tavern. Your choices shape the snug interior of the Wayfarer’s Inn!

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