Developer Square Husky and publisher Akupara Games are finally ready to till the soil and plant seeds as they announce that their farming-sim adventure, Everafter Falls, comes to Switch today.

All the stress and pressure of modern living is just a simulation and when it ends, you return to the simple life in the mountainside village of Everafter Falls. Your furry friends need your help to cultivate the land, clear dungeons, build drones, befriend pixies, fill fish tanks and more, all in this cozy, comedic, card-eating adventure.

Rediscover the simple life. Farm, fish, forge and fight to restore the peace in an all-new farming adventure. Features split-screen coop, a helpful pet, automated drones, resourceful pixies, a card-eating progression system, and dangerous dungeons to delve into!


Lifestyle Farming Sim: Farm, fish, and forage a huge collection of items to make the most efficient yet cozy farm.

Uncover the Mystery: Help your new friends with their extremely important small-town drama through quests and conversation.

Enlist Your Friends’ Aid: Tackle your farm’s toughest challenges with a friend in split-screen co-op!

Delve through Dungeons: Four different dungeons will test your agility, strength, and cunning as you fight your way to dangerous bosses!

Become an Expert: Equip helpful little drones to help automate your farm keeping things running even when you’re down in the dungeons.

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