Prepare to embark on an epic journey through space with DarkStar One – Nintendo Switch Edition. Publisher Kalypso Media has announced the return of the retro space opera, combining open-world sandbox gameplay in an expansive sci-fi universe, and it comes to Switch today.

Debuting with enhanced graphics for the Nintendo Switch™, take to the stars as Kayron Jarvis, a skilled pilot living in the distant future, where humanity has left Earth to settle in the vast expanse of the cosmos. When Kayron unexpectedly inherits the formidable spacecraft DarkStar One under strange circumstances, he becomes entangled in a web of conspiracy and intrigue. Penned by renowned German Fantasy and Science Fiction author Claudia Kern, the game’s narrative plunges players into a gripping tale of action and discovery as Kayron seeks answers for his father’s death, uncovering galaxy-spanning secrets.

Built from mysterious alien tech, the DarkStar One can be upgraded by finding relics of the lost civilization to improve speed and durability and even discover special abilities. Also, choose from over 200 unlockable components to customize your spaceship with engines, weapons and shields according to your needs.

Voyage through a galaxy of endless opportunities with Darkstar One – Nintendo Switch Edition and encounter different factions and alien species, each with their own allegiances, motives, and secrets. In the vast expanse of space, fire up your plasma cannons and engage in retro space combat with a wide variety of enemies. From the militant Mortok to the discordant Raptors, each race will react differently to Kayron depending on the decisions you make.

Will you embrace the modest pursuits of a merchant navigating the cosmos or set sail as a daring space pirate, plundering the boundless riches of the stars? Perhaps the clandestine life of a smuggler fits your narrative, or you envision yourself as a gallant hero traversing the vast expanse of space. Whatever path you dare tread, behold as DarkStar One adapts and evolves, mirroring the consequences of your decisions along the way.

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