Publisher Wired Productions and acclaimed Dutch game studio KeokeN Interactive are proud to announce that Deliver Us The Moon will launch on July 16 on Nintendo Switch: the final frontier.

Having first launched in 2019 on PC, Wired and KeokeN have since released the critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S X. The Nintendo Switch release marks the final mission for this beloved title, letting players take the moon wherever they go! .

Launching on Apollo 11’s Saturn V rocket lift-off from Kennedy Space Center in 1969, Deliver Us the Moon celebrates humanity’s first steps on the moon and the men and women who dared to leap into the unknown.

With over 5,000 Steam reviews, Deliver Us The Moon is set in an apocalyptic near future, where Earth’s natural resources are depleted. A lunar colony providing a vital supply of energy has gone silent and a lone astronaut is sent to investigate. Will they save humanity from extinction, or will they be forgotten in the dark abyss of Space?

Wired Productions are also pleased to support KeokeN on their much-publicised mission to launch their new game ‘Deliver Us Home’ via Kickstarter, and can share that sales of Deliver Us The Moon on Nintendo Switch will be used to support the developers and keep their dream alive.

[Press release]

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