GungHo Online Entertainment announced that Ninjala is taking it back to the good old prehistoric days with a dinosaur-themed adventure season! Rock some Jurassic drip with dino-themed fits along with new weapons, avatar items, the 4th Anniversary Campaign that includes login and battle bonuses, a sale on all Story Packs, and more.

Key Features of Season 17 Include:

  • Welcome to Ninjala Park: Get prehistoric with brand-new dinosaur-themed avatars that bring the ancient world to life!
  • Master the Art of Deflection: Become a Hand Fan master with two new weapons: Flurry Fury and Tempest Lord. The first hit of these weapons does not deal any damage, but if you time it right, you can repel your opponent’s attack.
  • Whirlwind Tactics: Shoot out a raging tornado with a Tornado Shot special attack to ambush your opponent or ride it to launch yourself into the air.
  • Summon the Winds: The Alter Special, Wind Caller will summon spheres of wind and can be used to negate Gum Shoots or follow-up to attacks!

4th Anniversary Campaign Perks

Join the party as Ninjala turns 4! Kick off the celebrations with a special login bonus, an exhilarating battle bonus event, the thrilling 4th Anniversary Cup tournament, and exclusive discounts on Story Packs! Don’t miss out on the fun—celebrate with us and score big! Log In and Win: Every player who logs in to Ninjala from today to July 3 will receive 500 free Jala to use in the Shinobi Shop!

Battle Bonus Bash: From today to July 3, players can receive up to a total of 500 Jala and a handful of other rewards including Assist Codes, Medals, and Research Points for participating in matches.

Battle for Glory: The 4th Anniversary Cup (Solo) will be held on June 29 from 7 p.m. to June 30, 1 a.m. PDT. All participants will earn a 4th Anniversary commemorative sticker. Special items such as Jala, Research Points, and Medals will be given out by rank.

Unleash the Story: Players can enjoy a special 55% off sale on all four Ninjala Story Packs, from Chapters One to Four.

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