This is not one to miss: from the twisted mind of Alter comes a world where the good guys finally go bad, and vice versa. Fans must prepare to raise chaos and grab an extra teammate for the all-new Quads Takeover, new mind-bending event items, Lifeline’s Prestige Skin “Apex Corruptor”, and more!

All-New Quads Takeover - Introducing a brand new game mode - Quads Takeover. Players must form 4-Legend squads for all new strats and team comps, creating the perfect recipe for mayhem. 4x the fun, 4x the chaos.

Rewards Track & Cosmetics - Smash through all the Quads challenges to earn Reward Track items. Players who collect all 24 cosmetics before the event ends will receive Lifeline’s Prestige Skin “Apex Corruptor” to make enemies feel the sting of defeat. As a bonus, Legends may earn 1.5x toward Prestige Skin Challenges during the entire event.

Apex Legends: Upheaval is available now for Switch.

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