Another day, another move by Nintendo to squash something going on in the fan community.

You may have noticed quite a bit of fan-made Rhythm Heaven content in recent years, as players have been using fan-made tools to craft new stages, songs and more. Since most of this went on for years without Nintendo swooping in, many believed the Big N didn’t care to stop the project. Turns out that’s not the case at all.

According to VGC, Nintendo has dropped a DMCA notice on Heaven Studio, a fan-made service that lets Rhythm Heaven fans craft their own experiences. As the tool includes plenty of Nintendo art and assets, Nintendo has decided to go after the service to shut it down. This has been confirmed by GitHub, which was asked by Nintendo to remove all Nintendo-related sprites and SFX files from Heaven Studio. Github instead opted to take the whole thing down, as did


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1M ago

Usually things like this tells they are monitoring the specific franchise in relation to releasing something new soonish after. Could be a perfect releasegame for the next system, or even a new entry on current could be a good shadowdrop!

I would love for you to be right because I've been craving more Rhythm Heaven. Unfortunately, Nintendo's been taking down a lot of things lately just to protect their IP, and this may be the same thing.

I've been enjoying these custom remixes on Youtube, so I'm sad to find out about this takedown. :(