Capcom showed off a series of items that are available in a Ace Attorney Investigations Ichiban Kuji lottery, and Miles Edgeworth is clearly the start of the show this time around. This lottery is only open to those in Japan and it opens up on July 26th, 2024.

For those who don’t know, Ichiban Kuji is a popular lottery prize series that is held at participating convenience stores and specialty shops. As for the goodies in this Ace Attorney Investigations lottery, the complete breakdown is below, along with the percentage showcasing the probability of winning.

  • S Prize: Mega Big Capcorom plush of Miles Edgeworth – 1%
  • A Prize: Sealing Stamp featuring the Prosecutor’s Emblem – 2%
  • B Prize: Towel based on Kay Faraday’s Yatagarasu muffler or Lang Zi’s scroll – 4%
  • C Prize: Acrylic stand of a character with an exclamation bubble – 12%
  • D Prize: Ringed memo book – 31%
  • E Prize: Tin badge based on a character – 50%

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