Pepper Grinder was released digitally on Switch back on March of this year, but Devolver Digital has announced that a physical version will be hitting retailers later this year!

The physical edition will be released on October 4th, 2024 and while you wait, why not give the demo a try and see if this a game you’d like to get. You can get the demo from the eShop here.

Pepper Grinder is a high-speed platformer with wonderfully satisfying drill-based movement, lush pixel art, oddball enemies and challenging platforming. Developed by solo swashbuckler Ahr Ech and published by Devolver Digital, Pepper Grinder’s blisteringly fast-paced piratical platformer stars a treasure hunter named Pepper who uses her drill, Grinder, to swim through the earth as a dolphin swims through water.

After a freak storm tears Pepper’s ship apart, she washes up on the dangerous shores of a mysterious island and finds a group of narwhal-like creatures—a band of bilge-sucking buccaneers known as the Narlings—making off with her precious treasure.

But a chance encounter with the aforementioned Grinder gives her the power to fight these thieves head-on. Pepper embarks on a quest to retrieve her stolen booty, drilling her way across the island to recover her filthy lucre and show the Narlings—and their mysterious leader—why you should never mess with someone wielding an oversized power tool.

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