Operation Steel out now on Switch

Relive the glory days

21 June 2024
by videocookies 0

Classic arcade fun with a modern touch is what you’ll find with Operation Steel! Take on the action by shooting down hordes of enemies, but don’t get cocky! As every single run will be very different to the previous one.

Are you up for a challenge? You can get Operation Steel from the eShop here for $7.99.

Roguelike shoot-em-up rendered in beautiful hand-drawn art. Find and upgrade weapons while combatting the electronic legion across the galaxy!

Blow up loads of enemies, destroy huge bosses, find weapons, and upgrade your load-out between levels. Combat the electronic legion across 20+ procedurally generated levels!


  • Procedurally generated levels with randomised enemy waves and pickups
  • Branching paths - select from 20+ levels
  • 25+ weird and wonderful bosses
  • 35+ unique weapons and items to find
  • Upgrade your ship between levels at the shop
  • Boss Rush mode
  • Awesome soundtrack by the amazing Dolphin!

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