Musical Vibes is available on Switch right now for just $3, and there’s also a demo up for grabs as well. Musical Vibes is a new dance game playable with the camera of your smartphone; dance, hands free to great music and learn new incredible moves.

Musical Vibes features 2-player local multiplayer; dance with one of your friends by your side! If you own a Philips Hue smart lighting system, connect it to the game and turn your living room into a concert hall! Bring the fun to another level!

In this first version, you can play one track for free in the demo. 2-player local multiplayer is only available in the paid version. When you buy the game you can enjoy the 2 included tracks. You will be able to purchase an add-on with 18 more songs and a story mode later in 2024.

For the times you don’t want to dance or if you don’t have a compatible smartphone, you can play the rhythm game mode instead. In this mode, you must press the correct direction on your controller at the right time, while following the music. Since you simply have to use your controller, it means you can also play Musical Vibes wherever you want in this mode!

More features to be announced soon.

[Press release]

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