Nintendo fans were holding prayer circles this week in the hopes that the latest Nintendo Direct would finally pull back the curtain on Metroid Prime 4, and believe it or not, that’s exactly what happened. For the first time since the announcement of the development restart, Nintendo showcased Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, giving us gameplay to drool over and a 2025 release date.

Nintendo and Retro have been toiling away on Samus’ next outing for the 5+ years now, and while there’s still work to be done, it’s clear the finish line is coming into view. That no doubt makes fans happy, but Retro Studios is just as happy as well. Instead of working behind the scenes in secrecy, Retro has finally gotten the chance to show the fruits of their labor.

Following the Metroid Prime 4: Beyond reveal in the latest Nintendo Direct, the usually-quiet Retro took to their official X account to share a short-but-sweet message about the coverage. You can see the statement they shared below.

We’re thrilled to share what we’ve been developing for our fans around the world! - Retro Studios

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