Two women-owned and operated game development studios have teamed up to create an Earth Day-worthy Switch title for young audiences. Denmark’s Those Eyes and Canadian studio Tobo have developed Mouse & Crane for Switch, a single-player and cooperative play puzzle-based adventure. It will be a younger child’s perfect first game, offering teachable moments through upcycling, recycling, and construction, and you can pick it up today.

Mouse & Crane is a charming indie IP that focuses on the adventures of three best friends and encourages players to solve puzzles and challenges imaginatively. Children will be able to build new things with everyday tools such as a screwdriver or a glue gun-–inspiring kids and their parents to undertake Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activities together. The art design will be a unique hand-drawn collage style reminiscent of cozy picture books.

Mouse & Crane for Switch will inspire children to solve problems peacefully through creativity and collaboration. In cooperative play, the child and parent (or an older sibling) will work together to solve puzzles that can’t be completed alone, sharing digital moments. Additionally, there is flexibility for parents to adapt their involvement according to their child’s needs, what Laier and Beauregard refer to as ‘parent-friendly’ gameplay.

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