Jackbox Games, the company behind over a decade of hilarious party games that use your phone as your controller, is thrilled to announce a major update for The Jackbox Party Starter. Set to launch on Switch July 6th, 2024, this free patch will introduce Brazilian Portuguese as a language option. Responding to requests from fans in the region, Jackbox has committed to delivering a fully tailored experience for their Brazilian players.

Earlier this year, Jackbox unveiled Brazilian social media profiles, their website now includes Portuguese language options, and their last release in October 2023, The Jackbox Party Pack 10, was the first Party Pack to be fully localized in Brazilian Portuguese. Today, Jackbox has doubled down on its commitment to Brazil by unveiling this free Portuguese content update to The Jackbox Party Starter. The update will not only include in-game translations, but an entire experience complete with brand-new content for Brazil. Jackbox has hired Brazilian voice actors, writers, and musicians to create the best experience possible.

Here’s what’s included in The Jackbox Party Starter:

Trivia Murder Party 2: A fan-favorite trivia game that was originally launched in The Jackbox Party Pack 6, this game has been revamped for Brazilian audiences by including trivia questions that are specific to the region. These audiences won’t see questions pertaining to American football, but they can be sure to expect prompts such as “Words in the Preamble of the 1988 Brazilian constitution”, or “What the Christo Redentor complains about”.

Quiplash 3: Quiplash is the classic game of trying to out-wit your friends with your off-the-wall responses to wacky prompts. Fans will enjoy the creativity and laughter that this game affords. The Jackbox controllers support all characters found in the Portuguese language to ensure a seamless experience.

Tee K.O.: This is the drawing game entry to The Party Starter. With Tee K.O. fans in Brazil will be able to create hilarious t-shirts and can even purchase them at the game’s conclusion.

Along with this free update, Jackbox has pledged to release new games in Portuguese as long as there is demand for them.

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