The Hypegolf Invitational is a yearly event that aims to turn golf on its head. This one-day golf extravaganza features a series of mini-golf competitions and branded activations by Topgolf, SEGA, Puma Cobra, Topgolf, G-Shock, J. Lindeberg and more. Think of it as golf, but cranked up to 11!

Just as was mentioned above, SEGA was part of the Hypegolf Invitational this year, and they brought none other than Sonic with them. With the event done and dusted, you can check out the video above to see what Sonic was doing at this year’s get-together.

As each hole at the Hypegolf Invitational is different, it means golfers have to approach things differently. Not surprisingly, in the case of Sonic, golfers were tasked with completing the hole as quickly as possible. They could also hang out at the hole for a bit to eat some Sonic-themed snacks, participate in Sonic activities and more!

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