Atari Podcast chats Yars Rising with WayForward

The way forward for a retro franchise

21 June 2024
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Yars Rising has been making waves recently with a new gameplay trailer dropping, a demo during Steam Next Fest, and a preview cycle out of Summer Games Fest. To keep the good times rolling, Atari invited James Montagna (game director) and Mark Perloff (lead producer) to talk all about the title. The gang dives into the origins of the game’s concept, how a metroidvania is crafted, and so much more.

In WayForward’s experienced hands, the Yars franchise becomes an expansive mystery solved through 2D platforming action. Take control of the young hacker Emi Kimura, who is hired by a mysterious patron to infiltrate the shadowy QoTech corporation. Run, jump, sneak, and hack your way through challenges as you slowly unravel a complex secret shrouded in intrigue.

Emi grows in power throughout her adventure, allowing her to retrace her steps and reach previously inaccessible and secret areas. Her evolving hacking skills are critical to solving stimulating minigames that reference the innovative gameplay from the Atari 2600 title Yars’ Revenge.

The deeper into the QoTech facilities Emi ventures, the more expansive the sci-fi mystery becomes. A colorful cast of hacker allies help Emi discover her connection to a distant alien race and unlock powers unlike anything she could have imagined.

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