Nintendo is back with another video featuring Yoiko, a popular comedy duo in Japan. Once again, the comedians have visited their friends at Nintendo to go hands-on with a game, but this time around they’re enjoying a game that needs little introduction.

Yoiko is a Japanese comic duo from Konohana-ku, Osaka that is employed by the comedy talent agency Shochiku Geino. Yoiko are known otakus, and the duo (kombi) was originally formed under the pretense of Shinya Arino as the boke (stooge) and Masaru Hamaguchi as the tsukkomi (straightman), but as time went on and Hamaguchi’s “natural stupidness” started to shine through, the duo became known as “the duo with no real distinction between the boke and the tsukkomi”.

In today’s video, Yoiko sits down to play the upcoming Switch revamp of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD. While the video might not have a translation, it still offers up plenty of gameplay from the Switch revamp. Give it a watch and scrub through the video to see all kinds of gameplay footage not seen anywhere else!

UPDATE: Nintendo has released the second installment of their Yoiko X Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD series, and you can give it a watch below.

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