Unicorn Overlord acrylic stands announced for Japan

Over $1700 for the entire series

21 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

ATLUS and Animate are teaming up for an expansive line of Unicorn Overlord merch, and it’s available to pre-order in Japan for a limited time.

Animate has revealed a series of acrylic stands and background panels based on Unicorn Overlord characters and locations, and they’re up for pre-order until July 21st, 2024. There are 15 background panels and a whopping 107 character acrylic stands.

Character stands are priced from $11 to $17, but there are bundle options to save some cash. You can even buy all 107 character stands for $1,335! If you want all 15 of the background panels, you can cough up $414 for the lot.

The Unicorn Overlord acrylic stands and background panels are set to ship out sometime in October 2024 and you can get a better look at the complete line here.

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