Entergram has announced that the visual novel HIGHSPEED Etoile Paddock Stories is seeing release on Switch in Japan come November 21st, 2024. The title will be priced 3,960 yen at retail and 2,970 yen via download, but there’s also 12,980 yen limited edition in the works. This limited edition includes a Prima Stella acrylic figure, a B2W suede tapestry, the original soundtrack, an original voice drama CD, an art book, and a bonus original novel.

“HIGHSPEED Etoile Paddock Stories” is Prima Stella’s program featuring various information surrounding the NEX Race. This special program features close-up footage of the drivers participating in the race.

Hikari and Akari, official ambassadors for the NEX Race known together as “Prima Stella,” bring viewers various stories about the racers’ daily lives and what goes on behind the scenes.

Takuya Fujima, who designed the characters for the TV anime, also illustrated the new portraits and event CGs that appear in the game. The stories featuring these lovely racers are fully voiced by an all-star cast.

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