Code Ninjas and Nintendo collaborate on an exclusive summer camp

Could you be the next great Nintendo dev?

21 June 2024
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This summer, kids can utilize the fun of the Switch by designing and crafting their very own levels in Super Mario Maker 2, after learning some basic coding concepts in a five-day camp with Code Ninjas! The collaboration between Code Ninjas and Nintendo is a great combination of learning and entertainment. By attending, kids receive an introduction to fundamental skills and concepts necessary for creating unique and effective Super Mario Maker levels.

The Code Ninjas and Nintendo program is designed to be both informative and entertaining. Here’s how it works:

Intro to Coding with Code Ninjas: The program kicks off with two days of introductory workshops where children are introduced to the basics of coding. These workshops are designed to be engaging and interactive, ensuring that kids have fun while learning.

Basic Level Design in Collaboration with Nintendo: During days 3 – 5 of the camp, children utilize the Nintendo Switch system and the Super Mario Maker 2 game to explore basic level design concepts. The campers will team up to perform specific roles and work together to create their own level.

Guided by Senseis: Throughout the program, children are guided by Code Ninjas Senseis. These instructors are experienced coders who provide support, answer questions, and offer encouragement. Their guidance ensures that children stay motivated and on track.

Showcase and Share: At the end of the program, children have the opportunity to showcase their projects to their peers and families. This not only gives them a sense of accomplishment, but also allows them to share what they’ve learned with others.

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