Mario & Luigi: Brotherhood was announced earlier this week, a brand new entry in the Mario & Luigi RPG series. As of now, Nintendo has not disclosed which development team is actually working on the game, a habit they’ve gotten into in recent years. While we still don’t know exactly which team is behind it, one little detail has come out about some of the team’s members.

In a recent blog post from games journalist Stephen Totilo’s newsletter, Totilo managed to get a little piece of info out of a Nintendo representative. When the rep was asked about the devs behind the project, they offered up the following tidbit in response (h/t VGC):

“Some of the original developers who worked on the franchise are involved in the development of Mario & Luigi: Brothership. For more information about the developers, please stay tuned to the game credits at release.”

[Nintendo, Game File]

Obviously, there’s still a mystery surrounding the identity of Brothership’s dev team, but this quote might at least reassure some Mario & Luigi fans. Mario & Luigi’s original developer, AlphaDream, went bankrupt in 2019, but some of those individual developers landed elsewhere at Nintendo, and it seems to now be confirmed that they ended up working on the new Mario & Luigi title. Exactly which Mario & Luigi games these “original developers” might have been involved with is still unknown, but those veterans should have the experience to steer the (brother)ship in the right direction.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership will release on Switch on November 7th, 2024. Stay tuned for more info, as well as the eventual credits, to learn more!

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