Fortnite got an update today bringing the brand new “Reload” mode, plus some other goodies. You can go check that out right now, but there’s one other new feature that’s still off limits. The Pirates of the Caribbean themed “Cursed Sails” pass went live for a brief period today, even though it isn’t officially scheduled to launch until July 19th, 2024. It has since been taken down from the Fortnite store.

Players who did manage to buy the pass when it went up gained instant access to a Jack Sparrow skin in both regular and LEGO styles. Even though it was a mistake, those players will still be allowed to use their Jack Sparrow skins, giving them some extra bragging rights for the next month.

The pass also allowed for the ability to unlock a number of Pirates related goodies, such as emotes, skins, and icons. However, even if you managed to purchase the pass early, you won’t be able to progress to unlock any of them until the appropriate date arrives.

If you missed out, you’ll have to wait until July 19th to get your hands on everything the Cursed Sails pass has to offer. In the meantime, check out some images of what’s to come courtesy of Fortnite leaker @iFireMonkey, including skins for characters like Davy Jones and Elizabeth Swann:

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