3DS owners got to enjoy Monster Hunter Stories back in 2016/2017, giving franchise fans a unique spin-off that did well enough to warrant a sequel. Still, for every person that played Monster Hunter Stories on 3DS, there were many others that never got the chance. Capcom realized newcomers would have a tough time checking out the original, and they set out to fix that.

Monster Hunter Stories just recently made its way to Switch and other platforms. Now Nintendo fans can enjoy both installments of Monster Hunter Stories with ease. In an interview with Famitsu, producer Yoshihiro Akira said that it was the 3DS’ eShop closure that motivated Capcom to break the game out of its portable-only confines.

“The support we received all over the world from players enjoying Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, released in 2021, was a big part of it. And with the 3DS online store ending service, it became harder to play the series fully in order, so we decided to port it to the current generation.”

[producer Yoshihiro Akira]

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mock turtle

27d ago

Well I'm glad it worked out for Monster Hunter Stories, but think of all the devs who don't have the time or money to do the same for their 3DS exclusives. To which I again say: shutting down the eShop or similar online distribution systems is hideously anti-consumer (and Capcom even agrees with me this time!).


27d ago

...The game is also on mobile for those wondering.

But yeah I guess this also helps in a way