Multi-awarded indie game developer Hyper Three Studio will be launching Tiny Lands 2, a relaxing low-poly isometric puzzle game, on Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2025. The game is the sequel of the highly acclaimed Tiny Lands, and it was selected for the Wholesome Direct 2024 two weeks ago. Since then, it has gained 6.5k wishlists on Steam and has been featured on top sites such as IGN, Famitsu and GameSpark.

Tiny Lands 2 takes the ‘find the differences’ adventure to new heights with stunning 3D dioramas. Explore beautifully handcrafted scenes from any angle and enjoy a relaxing, photorealistic experience.

Explore these photorealistic miniature dioramas, play with friends in local co-op mode, uncover hidden collectibles, and enjoy a relaxed gameplay experience with no time limits or penalties

The game offers color blind accessibility, local 2-player mode, in-game achievements, a hint system, non-linear gameplay, one-handed playability, a soothing background, and a relaxed, timer-free experience ideal for casual gaming and streaming.


  • Color blind accessibility.
  • 2 Local player mode.
  • In-game achievements.
  • Hint system.
  • Non-linear experience.
  • Comfy to play with only 1 hand!
  • Original soothing background.
  • Great for just chatting and streaming!
  • Easy to pick up and put down.
  • No pressure, no timer, just chill, go at your own pace.
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