When the live-action Street Fighter movie launched all the way back in 1994, it brought some money to Capcom, but it wasn’t a runaway success. It certainly didn’t grab any accolades from critics, and fans gave the film a rather lukewarm response as well. Still, people showed up in theaters to give it a watch, which means the project wasn’t a complete loss.

Fast-forward 3 decades and the film definitely has a cult following nowadays, with many Street Fighter fans enjoying the movie for all of its cheese. Turns out it’s more than diehard supporters getting something from the movie, as apparently all these years later it’s still turning a profit for Capcom.

According to Capcom’s most recent financial report, the Street Fighter movie still brings in tens of millions of yen every year. This is no doubt due to the movie being available to rent and purchase, while also being picked up by various streaming services to add to their libraries. All of those methods continue to bring in cash for Capcom, and apparently it’s not an insignificant amount!

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27d ago

So this should be their clue to finally put Sawada in a canon game.