Nihon Falcom have launch a 20th anniversary website for their Trails series, known as Kiseki series in Japanese. The website features lovely new art as well as a store where you can purchase new 20th anniversary branded merchandise. You can check out a link to the website as well as images of some of the products and their prices down below.

Here’s a full list of all the products as well as their prices in Yen and a rough estimate to US Dollars.

  • Mamesara plates: ¥6,050 (~$38) for each 3-in-1 set
  • B2-sized tapestry: ¥3,850 (~$24)
  • Canvas art: ¥2,970 (~$19)
  • Big tote bag: ¥2,860 (~$18)
  • Mini tote bag: ¥1,760 (~$11)
  • Acrylic stand: ¥1,320 (~$8)
  • Mouse pad: ¥1,650 (~$10)
  • Bandanna handkerchief: ¥1,320 (~$8)
  • Tin badges: ¥510 (~$3) individually or ¥3,000 (~$19) for a 6-in-1 set

Additionally you can also receive bonus items for orders over¥5,000 (~$32) while supplies last. These bonus items are random illustration card based on one of the five major sub-series and a promotional trading card of either Estelle or Joshua from Trails’ upcoming TCG.

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