F-ZERO 99 comes to Tetris 99 on June 28th, 2024

I guess that makes this Tetris 198?

25 June 2024
by quence 0

Nintendo has announced the 41st MAXIMUS CUP event for Tetris 99. This time around, the theme is F-ZERO 99, another of Nintendo’s battle royale offerings for Nintendo Switch Online members. The event will begin this weekend on June 28th, 2024, and run until July 1st, 2024. Players who accumulate 100 event points during this time will unlock a new F-Zero 99 theme.

Speed. Precision. Strategy. The skills needed to reach the top spot in the large-scale multiplayer races of F-ZERO 99 will also serve you well when the Tetris 99 41st MAXIMUS CUP rounds the bend. So, get ready to tap into your competitive spirit and lock in for the Line-Clearing, Tetrimino-turning showdown. Avoid sputtering out and you may even make it past your rivals to land in the winner’s circle.

The Tetris® 99 41st MAXIMUS CUP event runs from 12 a.m. PT on June 28 to 11:59 p.m. PT on July 1. To participate, you’ll need to be a Nintendo Switch Online member and play the Tetris 99 online mode during the event period. You’ll earn event points based on your placement in each match. Once you’ve accumulated a total of 100 event points, a new theme will unlock, featuring art, music and Tetrimino designs inspired by the F-Zero 99 game!

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