Bandai Namco has shared a brand new launch trailer for Season 6 of Dragon Ball: The Breakers. The season will officially launch later this week, on June 26th, 2024. You can get a glimpse of it via the trailer above.

Season 6 will launch with a brand new Infection Type Raider, Baby. Baby has the ability to turn survivors into Tuffles which work for him. Also available at launch will be a set of new Survivor Skins - Launch (Blue Hair), Launch (Blonde), and Bulla (GT).

Other new content planned for the future includes:

  • New Transpheres - Goku (Super Saiyan 3)
  • Emotes - Dirty Fireworks, Your father has been killed!, Defeated Paragus
  • Accessories - Bulma’s Bunny Headband, Airbike Keychain
  • Costumes - Gohan (Adult)’s Gi, Super 17’s Clothes

Stay tuned for the official launch of Dragon Ball: The Breakers Season 6 on June 26, 2024. For an even deeper look into what Season 6 will have to offer, check out the hour long launch livestream that Bandai Namco shared below.

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