Capcom has shared a ton of content for the 20th anniversary of Monster Hunter. There were special presentations, concerts, works of art, interviews and so much more. There was also the Hunters’ Choice fan vote, which let Monster Hunter players around the world pick their favorites in a number of categories.

While Capcom has already revealed the top monsters as voted on by fans, today brings us the top 10 in terms of Monster Hunter themes. You can check out the video above to see 9 out of the 10 themes below, and Capcom has shared them in no particular order.

Wondering while the final theme from the top 10 has been omitted from this video? Capcom is holding onto that one until June 26th, 2024. That’s because it’s the #1 theme overall, and Capcom will not only reveal the track, but also share a brand-new arrangement of it as well. We’ll make sure to update this post with that track when it becomes available.

UPDATE: “Silver-winged Star,” the theme of Valstrax, comets into first place as number one in the Hunters’ Choice: Best Monster Theme music poll! Enjoy a 20th Anniversary arrangement from the Capcom Sound Team, bringing this iconic theme to life in EDM style, below.

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