PM Studios and Pathea Games are delighted to announce that the acclaimed school management simulation game, Let’s School, will launch for Switch on July 26th, 2024 worldwide.

Let’s School launched exclusively on PC via Steam last year accruing over 200,000 players worldwide and a phenomenal 92% positive review rating (over 4000+ users reviews and growing). Since launch, Let’s School has received multiple free and paid updates which have evolved the game in brand new directions and soon console owners get to join in the fun in just a few weeks!

In Let’s School, players construct and run their own educational establishments acting as an all-powerful principal/headteacher. Players have all the tools they need to construct buildings in any form they wish, craft curriculums to fit a range of different subjects, hire and fire teachers, adopt pets to improve school life, prevent sudden frog outbreaks, catch students before they ‘accidentally’ set the school on fire, mastermind after-school clubs and customize absolutely everything from school decor to logos emblazoned on uniforms. Players have the ultimate freedom to run their school as they see fit and have all the tools available to them guide students from mediocrity to academic achievement… or not.

All budding headmasters are introduced to Let’s School various features step-by-step in the objective-based career mode which has over a dozen scenarios to conquer each with their own detailed missions and side objectives. If that sounds too structured, players are also free to unleash their creative side with no limits in Sandbox mode where they can build their school in any form or function they see fit.

Priced at $19.99 USD / €18.99 EUR / £15.99 Let’s School for consoles incorporates all the core gameplay the PC version is known for. This ensures that no matter which platform players start their headmaster journey on they’ll be able to enjoy the same rich management game experience and build the school of their dreams effortlessly. A physical version of Let’s School will also be available at retailers later this year. More information about that version will be revealed post-digital release.

Pathea has developed each console version of Let’s School to be fully playable on controller with its own bespoke user interface, optimized gamepad controls and gameplay tweaks. All these improvements ensure that the management is just as enjoyable on the couch as it is using a mouse and keyboard.

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