Fallen Leaf, the studio behind last year’s well-received thriller - Fort Solis, is preparing yet another treat for us. The newest game, Ultra Mega Cats, is nothing like their first title. Instead, we can expect a cooperative roguelike third-person shooter with many cats. The premiere is planned for Q4 this year on Switch.

You’ll play as one of the Mega Cats, armed to the fangs with various abilities, and escape captivity from your Rodent and Bird Overlords. Have fun with the demo, and whilst you’re waiting for it to be downloaded, be sure also to watch the new gameplay footage. It makes it super easy to understand what to expect from the game:

At your disposal: Choose from five different ultra cats (two at the Early Access launch) with different play styles and personalities. Each cat has 50 different M.O.D.S that can be unlocked, offering more variety.

Friends fur-ever: Streamlined, arena-based co-op PvE combat for up to two players in the Early Access and up to 4 players co-op planned at full release.

Gods of the Arena: Each arena is arranged into ever-changing biomes through level generation. Thanks to different Coalitions (each consisting of different Aspects), each playthrough is unique and different from the last.

It’s purrdy: The game’s stunning, vibrant art style packs as much punch as your cat hero will. Ka-pow!

Who wants to live in a world ruled by mice anyway?: Work together to free the three Ancient Cats from their enslavement, defeat your rodent and bird enemies, and create a new cattopia for felines everywhere.

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