Arrr ya’ ready for summer, Palians? Palia’s Bloomin’ Bounties update is primed for some summer fun in the Bahari Bay sun with a boatload of new features and content. Starting today, new and returning players can head to the Black Market Underground to take a spin on the returning fan-favorite Zeki’s Prize Wheel, enjoy increased rewards with the enhanced Party Buff system when you party up, create industrial structures using new Building Blocks materials, and so much more!

Palia is the online cozy community sim multiplayer game that has captured the hearts of more than 3 million gamers worldwide across PC and Nintendo Switch. The game’s welcoming, wholesome, and playful community continues to adventure, explore, and unwind together in Palia’s whimsical world from Kilima Village to Bahari Bay and more than four playable Temples in-between. And the title’s Bloomin’ Bounties update brings even more content for stalwart Palians to enjoy. Some of the marquee updates include:

● Get Buff(ed) for Summer – Grab some pals and party up! Palia’s new five-tier Party Buff system will grant players exclusive new rewards for completing Party Accomplishments.

● Cultivate the Furniture of Your Dreams – What will players get for each Party Buff tier? Growable Furniture, of course. Cultivate Growable Furniture seeds by completing Party Accomplishments, planting, and sprouting unique pieces to decorate your home!

● Magnificent Metal Building Blocks – Get even more creative (and potentially very bourgeoisie!) with some industrious new Building Blocks materials, such as Copper, Iron, and Gold.

● The Inspiration Station – Even the most visionary Palians need a healthy dose of inspiration to get the creativity flowing. Check out the new Home Tour Board, where players can visit and explore the sophisticated Dream Home designed by Tish, and get a sneak peek on what’s to come in future patches.

● Return of Zeki’s Prize Wheel – The fan-favorite Zeki’s Prize Wheel makes an illustrious return to the Black Market Underground. Palians can play Hotpot to earn Prize Wheel Coins and give the wheel a spin to earn awesome rewards.

● Ahoy! New Treasured Decor – To celebrate the return of the Prize Wheel, Zeki has snuck in the brand new Pirate Decor Furniture Set as the latest booty, including more than 10 treasured pieces.

● Reimagine the Housing Plot – Head to the Premium Store and checkout Palia’s latest cosmetic offering: Landscapes. Explore the Wooded Grove, Kilima Heights, and Shipwreck Isles and make your housing plot your own little adventure.

● Sunny Selections – It isn’t summer without a fresh summer fit. The Bloomin’ Bounties update brings three new outfits to the Premium Store, including the Buccaneer, Vintage Beachwear, and Seafoam Siren outfits. Keep your eyes peeled as there will be more additions to the Premium Store later in this update, particularly the Stellar Sorcery.

● Make a House with a Dragon – Like Dragons? Then avoid Dragon your feet to get your hands on the Drake, the newest Pal Pet to fly waddle around the streets of Kilima Village and beyond, available now in the Premium Store.

Additional details around the new features and quality-of-life improvements available in the Bloomin’ Bounties update can be found here.

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