Publisher PONOS is bringing The Battle Cats Unite! to the Switch on July 2nd, 2024. The title is priced at $20 and takes up 621 mb of space. Above is the Asian release trailer, which is why it mentions a Dec. 9th, 2022 release.

Based off of the hit mobile game The Battle Cats, downloaded over 90 million times worldwide, the franchise comes to Switch with all-new content! Featuring a simple-to-learn battle system that anyone can enjoy! Team up with a friend to increase the fun many times over! Play with family, friends, or even during a night in with that special someone! Create your own weirdly cute Cat Army and take to the battlefield!

◆Collect over 350 different weirdly cute Cat heroes!

Use Cat Food and Ticket items earned in game collect a variety of different Cats from the in-game Capsule machine and evolve them!

◆More stages, more fun!

Play over 300 stages, with some based off of the real world, the future, and even some set in space! Or embark a journey searching for legendary Cats in the Stories of Legend!

◆Take a break from battle with exciting minigames!

As you progress through the game, you’ll sometimes be offered the lucky chance to play one of four minigames! Earn bonus items and Cat Energy based on your score!

★ Two-Player Features ★

◆Cooperate to command your Cats!

Play each stage alone or with a friend. Take command of five units each to team up and battle oncoming waves of enemies. Alone, the challenge may be too much, but together, nothing stands in your way!

◆Prepare to fire the Cat Cannon… together!

Work together with your partner to blast baddies with the Cat Cannon! With good timing, power up the Cat Cannon 200% and turn the tide of battle in your favor!

◆Battle a friend in a Cat Army clash!

It’s Cat Army vs. Cat Army in VS Mode! Use the VS Mode-specific Trait Cannon to strike at the weakness in your opponent’s forces! You’ll have to know each and every Cat to claim victory!

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25d ago

Finally, I loved Pop (even replaying it atm) and had given up hope for a localization of this one.