Starting on June 27th at 0:00 UTC, Niantic will be releasing an all-new remote walking feature in Pikmin Bloom called “Party Walk”.

With this feature, users will now have the ability to set up and lead their own walking events with as many participants as they like. This feature comes with no pressure to achieve a particular goal – instead, participants can simply enjoy their remote connection and company and watch their total step count grow as they go about their daily activities for the duration of each Party Walk!

To set up your Party Walk as a host, all you have to do is head over to the Challenge List, and tap on the Party Walk button. You will then be prompted to select the time period you’d like to host your event for, and to enter a name for your group.

Feel free to get creative with the group’s name – it can be anything! For example, you can name the group based on your connection with the people you plan to invite to the Party Walk: friends who live faraway, friends with whom you share a hobby, colleagues, etc.

Once the setup is complete, a QR code and link will be automatically generated. You can then send either the QR code or link (or both!) to anybody you wish to invite to your Party Walk.

Please note that this feature does not support sending invites to friends within the app. You can share the QR code or link via email, chat apps, social media platforms, and other similar communication tools.

You may receive a QR code or link to join a Party Walk from a friend via a third-party communication tool, or you may come across people sharing their Party Walk on social media.

All you have to do to join an existing Party Walk is scan the relevant QR code or tap on the link. This will launch the Pikmin Bloom app, and a prompt will be displayed for you to confirm your intention to join the Party Walk. Once you’ve confirmed, you’re all set!

  • While you cannot host more than 1 Party Walk at once, as a participant, you can join up to 3 Party Walks at the same time.
  • You can both host your own Party Walk and join someone else’s as a participant at the same time.
  • Each Party Walk can have an unlimited number of participants. (Restrictions may apply based on server stability)
  • Whether you’re a host or a participant, you won’t be able to cancel or leave a Party Walk once it’s started. (You may cancel it only if it hasn’t started yet) -Your location information won’t be shared with either hosts or participants in any Party Walk.
  • Hosts and participants may receive friend requests from other participants from the same Party Walk.

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