INTI CREATES recently announced that “Card-en-Ciel,” is set to launch on Oct. 24th, 2024 worldwide. A departure from previous INTI CREATES titles, Card-en-Ciel is a turn-based card-battling RPG with roguelite dungeons. A new video has been released for Card-en-Ciel, and this one shows off the Scholars of Elfilia content.

One of those songs is featured in the simulation RPG (fictional) “Scholars of Elfilia,” sung by the magician student Sera Sireness (Fuka Izumi). Featured in the game as a (fictional) background song, “Ancient Words” accompanies this video introducing the cast of Scholars of Elfilia!

You’ll control the “gaming chair detective” Neon as he battles through these dungeons, each based on a different fictional game in the Card-en-Ciel universe. Battles take place on a 3 by 6 grid, giving players the option to use their cards for attacks, movement, or Special Skills. Each victory will allow the player to collect a new card to put in their deck right away and add to their collection later.

The game features a full story that develops as you conquer the dungeons, complete with full English and Japanese voice options! All character cards in the game, over 300, will also be voiced in both languages! Plus, the game’s soundtrack will include 50 songs.

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