Microids and studio [2.21] have announced Little Big Adventure - Twinsen’s Quest and unveil its reveal trailer! Originally released in 1994 under the name Little Big Adventure, this classic action-adventure game created by Frédérick Raynal (Alone in the Dark) was a massive worldwide success. Little Big Adventure - Twinsen’s Quest will be available on Nintendo Switch in autumn 2024.

With a new artistic direction, modernised gameplay and all-new music composed by Philippe Vachey, this remake recaptures the magic of the original game while incorporating today’s know-how. Players will be able to rediscover the enchanting world of the Twinsun planetoid, master the Magic Ball for bouncy adventures and immerse themselves in a deeply themed narrative, while exploring levels that have been redesigned for greater fluidity. Little Big Adventure - Twinsen’s Quest promises to appeal to nostalgic fans and new players alike with its timeless charm.

More about the game:

The story takes place on a planetoid with two suns, where four species lived in perfect harmony… Until the day Dr. Funfrock, a brilliant scientist, invented cloning and teleportation, gradually bringing the inhabitants under his total control. Playing as Twinsen, you are a model citizen who overnight becomes a fugitive pursued by Dr. Funfrock’s henchmen. Throughout your journey from island to island, you must tirelessly search for the other rebels and form an underground network to end the clone occupation. Armed with your mysterious Magic Ball, which becomes more and more powerful as the adventure progresses, only you are capable of overturning the powers that be…

Game features:

  • Plunge into a unique universe enhanced by a brand new look.
  • The Magic Ball brought into 2024, promising a range of challenges against the clones.
  • Redesigned controls.
  • Travel across the entire planet and discover reimagined islands in an open world.
  • An action-adventure game mixed with exploration.
  • A brand-new soundtrack by the original composer, Philippe Vachey

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