Shields of Loyalty, the tactical turn-based strategy game set in a dark fantasy empire from developer Mosaic Mask Studio, rides into battle with its latest trailer featuring a brand new magic system, never-before-seen units, updated UI, and more ahead of its presence at Gamescom 2024! The 1.0 launch for Nintendo Switch will arrive in Q4 2024.

Reclaim the once-flourishing land of Mantaria from the clutches of a gruesome undead army. Prepare and deploy a diverse assortment of specialized units on a dynamic 2D map taking inspiration from tactical genre classics. Make swift, strategic decisions to vanquish the evil invaders and return peace to the troubled nation.

Employ one of three commanders to lead the charge, then compliment each leader’s specialties with sound strategies. Prioritize speedy cavalry under E.G. Aglovan’s command, find strength in numbers with Karnoth’s infantry and flying units, or take the enemy by surprise with Sargon’s magicians and bombardiers.

Recruit, train, and utilize each soldiers’ advantages to overcome demanding encounters with ease. Combine units mid-battle to form robust squads and defeat powerful undead leaders. Prepare a plan of attack, coordinate the positions of each unit, and unleash special abilities with perfect timing to silence enemy forces.

Overcome harsh terrain, extreme weather, and cataclysmic events on a living battlefield challenging all who dare to march through. Journey through the grim Darkwood Island, pray for the sun’s return to The Eternal Ice, and beat the agonizing heat of the Lava Desert while fighting through enemy advances. Endure severe thunderstorms, brutal tornadoes, sharp ice rain, and onslaughts of meteorites to survive to the next battle.

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