Scarlet Moon is excited to release CHAMPIONS: A Tribute to Shovel Knight. Celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the release of the original Shovel Knight, the album features 42 arrangements in nearly every imaginable style, from bluegrass and classical to rock, funk, EDM, and even “bwak choir.” The album covers original music composed by Jake “virt” Kaufman, spanning the original Shovel Knight and its many expansions, taking listeners down memory lane with key moments reimagined with innovative and sometimes unexpected arrangements.

Fan-favorites such as the “Main Theme” done in an energetic bluegrass style, a bombastic brass-laden funk version of “Strike the Earth!,” a fist-pumping EDM take on the King of Cards favorite “Cruise Control,” and a lovely rendition of the Plague of Shadows vocal track, “ALCHEMY,” featuring vocalist Stephània and guest performer insaneintherainmusic, are just a few of the many highlights. CHAMPIONS: A Tribute to Shovel Knight is available on all music storefronts and streaming platforms today.

Scarlet Moon is a music label supporting creators big and small. They are an artist roster of acclaimed musical talents from around the world, a record label publishing soundtracks and arrangement albums from fan-favorite videogames, and a public relations partner promoting game music and indie games.

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