There’s no such thing as too many Pokémon plush dolls, is there? The Pokémon Co. certainly hopes not, as they’ve expanded their line of plushies once again with a new round of Pokémon to pick up.

The latest Pokémon plush dolls are here, and the lineup this time around includes Sinistcha, Pawmo, Finizen, Poltchageist, Pawmot. This line runs $20 to $25 depending on which plush you pick, and they measure 10.25 to 14.25 inches.

These Pokémon plushies are made of polyester and weigh somewhere around 5 ounces, give or take. If you’d like to take a closer look at the lineup or place a pre-order, you can do so through the Pokémon Center website.

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