Super Monkey Ball: Banana Rumble is out now on Switch, giving us the first brand-new installment the series has seen in years. Fans are incredibly excited to have a fresh outing with Aiai and the gang to play, but some people are too busy finding new ways to enjoy the original to be bothered!

Dr Tom Tilley has been hard at work crafting one of the most unique ways to play Super Monkey Ball yet. As you can see in the video above, he’s come up with an actual ball controller, complete with Aiai inside, to take control of the original Super Monkey Ball. It might be big and cumbersome, but it’s the most realistic Super Monkey Ball experience you can get!

Dr Tom Tilley built this custom controller using a mouse trackball and three roll-on deodorant sticks/balls, which shows some real ingenuity on his part. He even went all-out on the Aiai inside the ball, as it was 3D printed and has springy arms and legs that bounce around as you roll the ball peripheral.

What’s next for Super Monkey Ball? I guess we’ll have to see if anyone builds a life-sized ball to roll around in to control the game. Think you’re up to the task, Tilley?

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